Counseling Approach

Life can often be chaotic, making it easy to ignore the way we really feel about our lives and relationships. Emotions like anxiety, sadness, and doubt are often difficult to acknowledge. No one wants to feel angry or frustrated, but these are normal emotions that we don’t have to fear. If we don’t take time to explore these feelings, they can build up. This can lead us to feel anxious or depressed.

During counseling sessions we will take time to process these emotions. We may use mindfulness exercises to help you slow down and stay present. Or we may use creative exercises to help you express yourself without getting stuck in your thoughts.

Through the counseling process we will also explore the themes in your life. I believe that increasing awareness of your patterns of behavior will allow you to make more conscious decisions about how you want to be living.  I use a reality therapy approach to begin challenging you to change those patterns that are no longer working for you. Cognitive behavioral techniques will also help you change negative thoughts.

As we work together I will encourage you to focus on your strengths. As you identify the changes you want to make, I will actively support you in achieving your goals. My hope is that you will find the counseling process to be an empowering and worthwhile part of your journey of self-growth.